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 When do I need to book?

We have limited spaces per departure date for the resorts so unfortunately once the spots have gone you’ll have to choose another date or even resort. So as soon as you are 100% wanting to head out then get that £68 registration fee down to secure your place.  If you leave it too late you will miss out!

How do I book my place?

All you need to do is click on “BOOK NOW” and this will take you over to the dates and prices of the four weeks accommodation for each resort. All you need to do is click on book now against your chosen date and register for just £68 and this will secure your place 100%. You’ll then have your own profile and wall on our website so you can chat to everyone who is travelling with you.


£68 Registration fee

This secures your place 100% and gives you access to your own profile and travel buddies.

Resort Fee and Flights

Accommodation is £339- £439 and is paid in two halves. The first instalment is due two weeks after registering and the second 12 weeks before you head out there.  Flights are usually £50-100 depending on the time of season.

Reps Fee and Hotel Deposit

The reps fee is a one off fee of 50 Euros paid on arrival, and the hotel deposit is 50 Euros also paid on arrival.


Jelly Girls

The most common job abroad in Ayia Napa is the bar rep. This job is perfect for those who love talking to people. PR work abroad is not as hard as everyone thinks!

All you need to master this job in Ayia Napa is a little confidence. To get a job it helps to be gobby and gorgeous or just plain crazy!

When is the best time to find PR jobs in Ayia Napa?

Because of the popularity of this resort and the number of people searching for summer jobs in Ayia Napa, you need to be there first. That means getting their mid-May and definitely no later than July if you want the best chance of finding this job in Ayia Napa.

What are the benefits of PR jobs in Ayia Napa?

  • Socialising Even though you’re going to meet loads of new friends coming out with Air Pro this summer, when you’re a bar rep in Ayia Napa, you’re going to be meeting 100s of people, as your job abroad is 100% about talking and chatting people up!
  • Free drinks When you work abroad as a bar rep in Ayia-Napa, your main perk is free drinks, free drinks and more free drinks.

What are the wages like for PR jobs in Ayia Napa?

All wages for jobs in Ayia Napa differ from place to place, but a good bar in Ayia Napa should give you a basic wage of 25-35 Euros a night. Working in other bars in Ayia Napa could get you 15 Euros plus commission a night and free drinks.