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Air pro is the first and longest running company with over 12 years experience organizing working holidays abroad. Our website is often copied by new companies but with added statements like “Bar jobs are always available throughout the summer” but don't be fooled!

Our website is packed with unbiased jobs news, resort advice, videos, and blogs so you can choose the right resort to match your personality and confidence. Which is why Air Pro is regarded as the longest running and most trusted working holidays website online.

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The first timers paradise, this resort is a great way to get started into the party/working abroad lifestyle, it has certain qualities you wouldn't usually find in most of the other places. The managers are generally willing to give anyone a go at certain jobs as long as they seem keen to work and have a basic knowledge of what the jobs entail. Having said that the nightlife is more chilled out compared to resorts like Ibiza, Magaluf and Ayia Napa which pride themselves on being completely nuts, but saying that it is lively enough for most and unlike all the other resorts this place keeps going 365 days a year making it the perfect place for a longer stay.

With plenty of cash to be made in the busy seasons and minimal outgoings, finding summer jobs in Tenerife is ideal for beginners who have never worked abroad before. This is hands down the easiest place to find work, so if your at all worried about finding jobs this summer this definitely is the place to go! Also with 90% of our groups packed with solo travellers this is also the best place to go if you’re travelling alone this summer.  

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What type of people get jobs in Tenerife?
Unlike other resorts where you need to look the part and already have maximum confidence, in Tenerife managers are more willing to take on staff with limited or no experience and take the time to train you up!  

Our reps will give you all the advice and knowledge you need to take you from being OK at your job in Tenerife to becoming the very best you can possibly be. Why work at bad bars and clubs on low wages, the better you are at your job the more money and fun you could be having.  
What's the best time to get a summer job in Tenerife?
When it comes to finding jobs in Tenerife this is the only island where you can find work all year round! Why is this? Well unlike other resorts in Europe, Tenerife has all year round sun making it an all year round holiday destination! There are however very quiet months from November to April (not including Xmas and New Year's). the best time we would say to come here is May and June
How do I find jobs in Tenerife?
When it comes to finding work in Tenerife you can't just phone up bars and clubs and ask for a jobs or send them your CV. You will need to be in resort and talking to the bar and club owners who are hiring for the season and as this resort is mostly commission based there are very few trials here and you get paid from day one!

Air- Pro are considered the best provider of staff to businesses as we are the only company that helps train our clients before they leave home with the Air- Pro top tips guide then once in resort, we have fun training days planned where your shown the ropes and get to test out and master your chosen job.

For more details about jobs and training, check out out main Jobs page
What are the wages like for jobs in Tenerife?
If you work abroad out of season, you may not get a high wage (5-15 Euros) but you will get free drinks while you work. The experience gained will also make it much easier for you to get a better job in Tenerife when the high season hits, around June & July, when you can earn up to 20-40 Euros per night!
Do I need a Visa to get a job in Tenerife?
Some jobs in Tenerife will require you to have a Spanish NI number and this can be arranged in resort with you reps and costs 10 Euros for 3 months. The reps will take you to the police station to get your form and help you translate it.
How do I get paid and when do I get paid?
Jobs in Tenerife are mostly paid nightly or weekly and are paid in cash. Don’t worry if you're being paid monthly and don’t have much money as managers are used to subbing their workers! If you’re working as a jelly girl then you will be on 100% commission which ranges from 50c to 1 Euro per shot and this will be paid daily or weekly.  

And remember Air-Pro has no power over the agreement made between you and your employer about how much or when you get paid. So make sure you and your boss are clear on these things before you get started.
How many hours and days will I be working?
If you’re working in a bar you will start work around 8:00pm and your duties may include restocking the bar and setting up the bar for that nights antics. If you’re working in a club in Tenerife you will be expected to start work at around 10:00pm until the bar closes at 4:00am or even 6:00am. 8 hour shifts are the norm in bars/clubs in Tenerife.

You will be asked to work 6 nights a week and you can request any day off (we would recommend Wednesdays as this is the Air- Pro theme night and its immense!!).
Who's going to Tenerife?
It’s probably something you haven’t given much thought to but working abroad with Air- Pro is all about the people you meet. Whether you are from the UK or Ireland, Air- Pro is unique in that we take a lot of care in helping you to get know each other, even before you go.

My Travel Buddies, our new integrated search engine is like Facebook and gives you the opportunity to see, speak with and choose your room-mates before you leave home and even see who you’re flying with!

With 80% of groups packed with solo travellers and 20% travelling with friends from all over the UK and Ireland, Air- Pro truly is the best option for you to meet new people this summer in Tenerife!  
Tell me about Tenerife.  
Tenerife is an island of sun, party and adventure!  

Set off the coast of West Africa in the middle of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is a heady mix of golden beaches, charcoal sands and lively resorts. There's something for everyone here, from top bars and nightclubs, to an exciting music scene... and endless leisure activities, from water-sports to jeep safaris and mountain adventures on Mount Teide.
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Please note that the advice given on this website is based on our previous season’s statistics and the experience of our many reps. As such it should be used as pre-season guidance and is not guaranteed as the popularity of a resort can change from season to season.

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