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Welcome to the wild west of Spain this resort attracts all types of people looking to party hard in the best paying resort in Europe, if you love making money then this is the place to be.





Unlike most other resorts, jobs in Magaluf tend to have the highest basic wage in Europe and the cheapest worker's prices for drinks. This means Magaluf workers could come back with more money in their pocket than when they left! Good looking girls tend to be hired for bar work more than guys. But this resort is cheap to get to and a great place to work if you love making money and can balance working and parting you can easily work the whole summer here.

VISA INFOrmation

To work for a short period as a European citizen you will not need any sort of visa – if you're working outside of Europe (Australia – USA – Canada – New Zealand) you would need to either get a work visa or try to find cash in hand work which is more common with ticketing jobs. Most bars will require you to have a Spanish NIE Number - this NIE number can be obtained with the help of your reps and normally takes a few days or a week max to get at costs €20.


If you're looking for bar work, PR work or shot girls then you should try to get to Magaluf in early May. Head there at the end of May for club jobs as the majority of clubs open in early June!
If you're looking for ticket selling jobs then you need to be here mid to late June early July as that's when the tourists start flocking in
If you're going over later in the season don't worry, due to the high turnover of staff in June and July, there are always jobs popping up. The turnover is high due to workers changing jobs, going home or being sacked for drunkenness or lateness. In short, some people just can't handle the workers lifestyle.


Benefits of working in Magaluf are the free drinks when you're working and the best worker prices on drinks when you're not. Another benefit is free entry to 95% of the clubs on the island when you receive your personal workers card And the Air Pro wristband which gets you some deals on food, club entry, free shots, discount drinks, discounts on booze cruises and much more, you will receive when you land in resort – don t lose it, its priceless .


As our Jobs documentary suggests If you want to get a job in Magaluf you will need a mixture of confidence – being super friendly and hardworking, it also helps to be Loyal – unlike other resorts where things can be more relaxed bosses here pay the big wages and they want decent workers in return, so the harder you work the more you make – and let's face it, its hardy work!



Bar jobs and PR Jobs in Magaluf tend to have the highest basic wage in Europe (40-50 Euros per night). In the jobs section we have listed some bars and there pay rate for the said jobs. But in this resort you can easily see your wages increase to (60-70 Euros) If your loyal to your employer and don t jump from job to job and also, very hard working - Loyalty is key in this resort! 


If you're a Jelly girl in low season you should be making (25-40 Euros per shift) in Peak season this should rise to (50-100 Per shift) but this is 100% commission so when working, you need to be on it and engaging with as many customers as possible – if you snooze.... you lose!
Ticketing in May is pointless, but at the end June beginning of July you should be making (30 – 80Euros per day) end or July and August you should see this rise to (50 – 250 Euros per day) you get back, what you put in, with this job so starting at 3pm is not going to make you the big money – Good ticket sellers are out at 10AM hitting the new arrivals with money to burn and making easy sales.


Once your employed you will need to be registered, to do this you need to go to Palma with your Spanish NIE and open a bank account. We recommend you go early in the morning as this trip will take up most of the day to sort out - your employer and reps will help you with this, so don't panic.


This would depend on where you're working but most bar work is paid monthly, PR work varies from daily to weekly and the commission based jobs are also paid either daily or weekly.  A few bars/clubs may ask for a retainer usually of one week's wages..


It is widely known as a hard resort to find further accommodation as local law prohibits the construction of any new apartments but don't let this put you off if you Let your reps know within the first two weeks and they can advise you on how to go about securing further accommodation after your four weeks' accommodation is up!



We provide you with four weeks of accommodation located in the heart of the resort of your choice. You will be sharing an apartment with other like-minded Air-Pro guests looking to make new friends and crack on with a successful summer. You also get access to our online chat forum 'Travel Buddies' which allows you to create a profile and get chatting to every single Air-Pro guest that is travelling to the same resort as you, which is a great chance for you to break the ice and get to know a few people before you even touch down in the resort. As 90% of our guests travel solo Air-Pro is the perfect way to travel, work, and party abroad with a bunch of people just like you!!


Finding work abroad can only be achieved by being in resort and taking trials. Our reps are the envy of all the other companies because of the way we train them – when you get into resort we don't just chuck you into a trial – our reps are trained by the best workers in their field and that knowledge is passed down to you.


In your training we work on 3 main areas that are needed to work abroad – communication – body language and most important of all your pitch. This is done in a friendly and fun way using role-play and acting techniques getting you confident and experienced in whatever job you decide to go for.


When you touch down in the resort you are met by our reps at your accommodation where they check you in and set you up for the big night ahead........ The very first night you arrive our reps take you out on a bar-crawl which they organize, where they hook you up with drink deals, free shots, drinking games etc. Then on your second night they take you out on a themed bar-crawl which is for all of Air-Pro, this gives you the chance to meet the whole Air-Pro family and start getting well involved with the workers' scene. From here on our Reps use their connections and inside information to help you find work by setting up interviews and trials, and putting you in direct contact with the managers that are hiring workers within your resort.


For those who have never worked abroad before don't worry Air Pro Reps provide full training for all the jobs in resort, they help you get registered and give you all the hints and tips from the very best workers around.
Why not check out our mini Documentary's on our Video pages which shows you exactly what happens when you go away with Air Pro and what to expect when you land in resort!






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