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Air pro is the first and longest running company with over 12 years experience organizing working holidays abroad. Our website is often copied by new companies but with added statements like “Bar jobs are always available throughout the summer” but don't be fooled!

Our website is packed with unbiased jobs news, resort advice, videos, and blogs so you can choose the right resort to match your personality and confidence. Which is why Air Pro is regarded as the longest running and most trusted working holidays website online.

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Unlike most other resorts, jobs in Magaluf tend to have the highest basic wage in Europe and the cheapest worker's prices for drinks. This means Magaluf workers could come back with more money in their pocket than when they left! Good looking girls tend to be hired for bar work more than guys. But this resort is cheap to get to and a great place to work and with all the press it’s getting recently, it’s going to be MASSIVE again in 2015!!!

For those who have never worked abroad before don't worry Air Pro Reps provide full training for all the jobs in resort, they help you get registered and give you all the hints and tips from the very best workers around.

Why not check out our mini Documentary below which shows you exactly what happens when you go away with Air Pro and what to expect when you land in resort!

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How do I find jobs in Magaluf?
When it comes to finding work in Magaluf you can't just phone up bars and clubs and ask for a job or send them your CV. You will need to be in resort and talking to the bar and club owners who are hiring for the season then completing a short trial - that's what Air Pro helps you do.

Air Pro are considered the best provider of staff to businesses as we are the only company that helps train our clients before they leave home with the Air Pro top tips guide then once in resort, we have ,fun training days planned where your shown the ropes and get to test out and master your chosen job.

For more details about jobs and training, check out out main Jobs page
How do trials work?
Once your ready, your reps will help fix you up with trials in the jobs you wish to do – we strongly recommend attending one of our weekly training sessions which provides you with a platform to learn all the hints and tips – engage in role plays which in turn will boost your confidence as walking into trials already knowing what your doing, always helps.

Normally it only takes one or two trials MAX to get the job, if they ask you to come back a 3rd time we would advise being cautious as a few bar owners are sneaky and like free workers – your reps will advise you in resort which bars are legitimate. Its worth knowing people who guarantee trials normally use these types of bars!.
What happens after my trial?
Once your employed you will need to be registered, to do this you need to go to Palma with your Spanish NIE and open a bank account. We recommend you go early in the morning as this trip will take up most of the day to sort out - your employer and reps will help you with this, so don't panic.
What type of people get jobs in Magaluf?
If you want to get a job in Magaluf you will need a mixture of confidence – being super friendly and hard working, it also helps to be Loyal – unlike other resorts where things can be more relaxed bosses here pay the big wages and they want decent workers in return.
When is the best time to get jobs in Magaluf?
If you're looking for bar work, PR work or shot girls then you should try to get to Magaluf in early May. Head there at the end of May for club jobs as the majority of clubs open in early June!

If you're looking for ticket selling jobs then you need to be here mid to late June early July as that's when the tourists start flocking in

If you're going over later in the season don't worry, due to the high turnover of staff in June and July, there are always jobs popping up. The turnover is high due to workers changing jobs, going home or being sacked for drunkenness or lateness. In short, some people just can't handle the workers lifestyle.
What are the wages like for jobs in Magaluf?
Basic wage:

Bar jobs and PR Jobs in Magaluf tend to have the highest basic wage in Europe (40-50 Euros per night). In the jobs section we have listed some bars and there pay rate for the said jobs. But in this resort you can easily see your wages increase to (60-70 Euros) If your loyal to your employer and don t jump from job to job and also, very hard working - Loyalty is key in this resort!


If you’re a Jelly girl in low season you should be making (25-40 Euros per shift) in Peak season this should rise to (50-100 Per shift) but this is 100% commission so when working you need to be on it and engaging with as many customers as possible – if you lose!

Ticketing in May is pointless, but at the end June beginning of July you should be making (30 – 80 Euros per day) end or July and August you should see this rise to (50 – 150 Euros per day) you get back, what you put in, with this job so starting at 3pm is not going to make you the big money – Good ticket sellers are out at 10AM hitting the new arrivals with money to burn and making easy sales.
What are the Benefits working in Magaluf?
Benefits of working in Magaluf are the free drinks when you're working and the best worker prices on drinks when you're not. Another benefit is free entry to 95% of the clubs on the island when you receive your personal workers card And the Air Pro wristband which gets you some deals on food, club entry, free shots, discount drinks, discounts on booze cruises and much more, you will receive when you land in resort – don t lose it, its priceless .
How hard is it to find workers accommodation?
It is widely known as a hard resort to find further accommodation as local law prohibits the construction of any new apartments but don't let this put you off if you let the reps know soon enough they will work with you to find somewhere for you and your new friends to stay. Sometimes there is still space to stay on with us so make sure to inquire before its too late.
Do I need to bring a CV?
If you have one, bring it - it but its not really needed like in Ibiza
Do I need a Visa to get a job in Magaluf?
To work for a short period as a European citizen you will not need any sort of visa – if your working outside of Europe would would need to either get a work visa or try to find cash in hand work which is more common with ticketing jobs.
Do I need a Spanish NIE to get a job in Magaluf?
To get registered you will need Spanish NIE Number - this NIE number can be obtained with the help of your reps and normally takes a few days or a week max to get at costs 20Euro
Who's going to Magaluf?

It's probably something you haven't given much thought to but working abroad with Air- Pro is all about the people you meet. Whether you are from the UK or Ireland, Air- Pro is unique in that we take a lot of care in helping you to get know each other, even before you go.

My Travel Buddies, our new integrated search engine is like Facebook and gives you the opportunity to see, speak with and choose your roommates before you leave home and even see who you're flying with!

With 90% of groups packed with solo travelers and 10% traveling with friends from all over the UK and Ireland, Air Pro truly is the best option for you to meet new people this summer in Magaluf!

Tell me about Magaluf.
Magaluf has everything – from fashionable shops to fantastic sights. Its the perfect resort for those who want fun, sun and to party till dawn. Nightlife in Magaluf is extrovert. The scores of English pubs, discos, cafes, cocktail bars and nightclubs make this one of the liveliest resorts in Spain. Just be ready for the very hot and sunny weather of July and August, when everyone in the world seems to turn up to enjoy the beach and resort of Magaluf.
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Please note that the advice given on this website is based on our previous season’s statistics and the experience of our many reps. As such it should be used as pre-season guidance and is not guaranteed as the popularity of a resort can change from season to season.

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