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Welcome to the clubbing capital of the world, this resort is best suited for those who know and love Ibiza with a passion, if not, there are easier and cheaper alternatives out there.





Once in resort, you can start enjoying everything Ibiza has to offer. From the Best Clubs in the world - Best Music - Best DJ's - Best Fashion - Best Food. When you come to Ibiza as a worker you will be invited into Pandora's Box of pleasures - from secret parties in villas to amazing beach parties, this Island keeps producing magical spiritual adventures but only to those who accept them.


To work for a short period as a European citizen you will not need any sort of visa – if you're working outside of Europe (Australia – USA – Canada – New Zealand) you would need to either get a work visa or try to find cash in hand work which is more common with ticketing jobs
A Spanish NIE Number can be obtained with the help of your reps and normally takes within 2/4 weeks to get and costs 20Euro – Most business will higher you whilst this is pending, but this is not legal - Our reps have drafted the help of a solicitor over there to get things moving faster for you guys, it will cost around 70 euros but is well worth it as you could have your NIE up to 50% faster.


We recommend May, as there are possible jobs and recruitment days popping up each week, so the chance of finding work at this time is HUGE – it's not super busy at all, but that comes later.
This is also the time to go about getting your NIE and extended workers accommodation sorted for the summer plus meeting all the other workers. With the added bonus of all the opening parties if your serious about working in Ibiza then this is the time to come.


Workers here are very open about taking drugs - it's pretty much everywhere in every conversation and it's really not judged by anyone, often people who don't take it are judged
Due to the high drug culture in Ibiza and the changes in people these substances can cause, Air-Pro cannot predict changes in your roommate's characteristics. If your roommate becomes erratic or dangerous to you or themselves, it will be your responsibility to contact the local authorities as our reps have no power when it comes to dealing with third party situations. Also if you are anti-drugs or do not like the drug culture we would not recommend working in Ibiza


You need to have a good personality, confident, and being music orientated helps. In Ibiza its more about helping people than selling to people. So knowing loads about Ibiza is real help, our advice is when you get there ask as many questions as possible and fill your head with as much useful info as possible so you can regurgitate it later to the tourists.



Bar jobs and PR Jobs in Ibiza have a very good mix of commission work and basic pay, basic pay, normally starts at around 30-35 Euros in May and rising to 45-50 Euros June-July. Also both come with free drinks and also if your bartending you can expect tips  


If you're a Jelly girl in low season you should be making (25-35 Euros per shift) in Peak season this should rise to (40-100 Euros Per shift) but this is 100% commission so when working, you need to be on it and engaging with as many customers as possible – if you snooze.... you lose!
Ticketing in May is pointless, but at the end June beginning of July you should be making (40 – 80 Euros per day) end or July and August you should see this rise to (50 – 250 Euros per day) you get back, what you put in, with this job so starting at 3pm is not going to make you the big money and– Good ticket sellers are out at 10AM hitting the new arrivals and making easy sales.


Unlike other resorts Ibiza bosses like CV's, but don't make the common mistake of just handing it in and walking away. Try to use this time to bond with your fellow boss, so when it comes to hiring, they remember you. Jazz up your CV cover and dress the part so you and your CV stand out.
Please bring your CV on a memory stick or have it saved so you can print them off in resort to give out – also ask your reps to take a look to see if they have any suggestions


This would depend on where you're working but most bar work is paid monthly, PR work varies from daily to weekly and the commission based jobs are also paid either daily or weekly. If you're getting paid monthly make shore, you don't get sacked before pay day as some managers won't pay you a dime!


VERY HARD! Ibiza like Magaluf is a very hard resort to find workers accommodation and this is due to the very high demand. This means if you wish to stay as long as possible, you need to sort out your accommodation as soon as possible. Let your reps know within the first two weeks and they can advise you on how to go about securing further accommodation after your four weeks' accommodation is up! This is another reason we only send people out early!
Please note: It's not the rep's responsibility to find you further accommodation. They are there to offer their knowledge and give advice only.



Finding work abroad can only be achieved by being in resort and taking trials. Our reps are the envy of all the other companies because of the way we train them – when you get into resort we don't just chuck you into a trial – our reps are trained by the best workers in their field and that knowledge is passed down to you.


In your training we work on 3 main areas that are needed to work abroad – communication – body language and most important of all your pitch. This is done in a friendly and fun way using role-play and acting techniques getting you confident and experienced in whatever job you decide to go for.


Once you're ready, your reps will help fix you up with trials in the jobs you wish to do – we strongly recommend attending one of our weekly training sessions which provides you with a platform to learn all the hints and tips – engage in role plays which in turn will boost your confidence as walking into trials already knowing what you're doing, always helps.
Normally it only takes one or two trials MAX to get the job, if they ask you to come back a 3rd time we would advise being cautious as a few bar owners are sneaky and like free workers – your reps will advise you in resort which bars are legitimate. It's worth knowing people who guarantee trials normally use these types of bars!


Once your employed you will need to be registered, to do this you need to open a Spanish bank account and have a Spanish NIE. We recommend you go early in the morning as this trip will take up most of the day to sort out - your employer or reps can help you do this.


For those who have never worked abroad before don't worry Air Pro Reps provide full training for all the jobs in resort, they help you get registered and give you all the hints and tips from the very best workers around.
Why not check out our mini Documentary's which shows you exactly what happens when you go away with Air Pro and what to expect when you land in resort!


When you touch down in the resort you are met by our reps at your accommodation where they check you in and set you up for the big night ahead........ The very first night you arrive our reps take you out on a bar-crawl which they organize, where they hook you up with drink deals, free shots, drinking games etc. Then on your second night they take you out on a themed bar-crawl which is for all of Air-Pro, this gives you the chance to meet the whole Air-Pro family and start getting well involved with the workers' scene. From here on our Reps use their connections and inside information to help you find work by setting up interviews and trials, and putting you in direct contact with the managers that are hiring workers within your resort.






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