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With a decade of experience helping workers find summer jobs abroad in Ibiza, Magaluf, Ayia Napa, Tenerife, Malia and Zante your working abroad experience couldn't be in better hands. We provide you with unbeatable packages combined with unbeatable prices so that you can fulfil your dream of working abroad this summer !!!




JOBS IN IBIZA.. Ideal For Clubbers!


Working in Ibiza really does have everything you could ask for - Best Clubs in the world - Best Music - Best DJ's - Best Fashion - Best Food. When you come to Ibiza as a worker you will be invited into Pandora's Box of pleasures - from secret parties in villas to amazing beach parties, this Island keeps producing magical spiritual adventures but only to those who accept them.


As for work, if you head out in May you will be in the driving seat to pick up the BEST jobs on the island as that’s the PRIME time to find work, with LOADS of opportunities to find the jobs listed above! We would recommend the ticket selling jobs in Ibiza for those who love talking – some of them come with a basic wage and commission, meaning you know what you’re earning each day and it’s not like you’re selling windows – you’re selling the best booze cruises and clubs in the WORLD! 



What type of people get jobs in ibiza?


If you want to get a job in Ibiza in 2014 it helps to be gobby and gorgeous or a massive party animal who’s super friendly. Jobs tend to be given to female workers and guys with maximum confidence. Our reps have a lot of experience and will give you all the info on the best and worst bars to work in, what managers want to hear, info on how to do the job and also how to keep it. 



When’s the best time to find jobs in Ibiza?


As Air-Pro want all their clients to have the best chance of finding work, we have decided to only send groups over to Ibiza in May. From our experience of previous seasons, we believe this month is the best time to get over there. It's bang in the middle of the recruitment season and will give you time to settle in, grab your Spanish NIE and start dishing out your CV's to all the managers!



What are the wages like in Ibiza?


Jobs in Ibiza used to be some of the worst paid in Europe, but things are a lot better now, with basic jobs ranging from 800 - 1,300 Euros a month. Some jobs here pay a base salary of  15 Euros a day plus commission, with bars paying 1 Euro and clubs paying 6 Euros per person you get in the door or sell a ticket to.


Please note: Previous years have taught us, that you need to bring plenty of spending money with you to Ibiza, it is an expensive resort and there are plenty of amazing things to do so make sure you bring plenty of spending money to make the most of your expereince. 



Do I need a visa to get a summer job in Ibiza?


Yes and it’s called a Spanish NIE number and this can take 2-3 days in early May and up to 6 weeks in June and July. It is down to you to get this but your reps will point you in the right direction and advise you, they will allocate a day to take you down to the police station so you can get this sorted.  Don’t worry as some Ibiza bosses will still employ you as long as you have your Spanish NIE number pending!


Do I need a CV?


Unlike other resorts Ibiza bosses like CV's, but don't make the common mistake of just handing it in and walking away. Try to use this time to bond with your fellow boss, so when it comes to hiring, they remember you. Jazz up your CV cover and dress the part so you and your CV stand out.  

Please bring your CV on a memory stick or have it saved so you can print them off in resort to give out. 



How hard is it to find workers accommodation?


VERY HARD! Ibiza like Magaluf is a very hard resort to find workers accommodation and this is due to the very high demand.  This means if you wish to stay as long as possible, you need to sort out your accommodation as soon as possible. Let your reps know within the first two weeks and they can advise you on how to go about securing further accommodation after your four weeks accommodation is up!

Please note: It's not the reps responsibility to find you further accommodation. They are there to offer their knowledge and give advice only.



How do I get paid and when do I get paid?


Jobs in Ibiza are paid weekly or monthly and are paid in cash. Don’t worry if you’re being paid monthly and don’t have much money as managers are used to subbing their workers! If you’re working as a Jelly girl you will be on 100% commission which ranges from 50c to 1 Euro per shot and this will be paid daily.



How many hours and days will I be working?


All work hours vary. If you have a daytime bar job in Ibiza you will be working from 11am - 4pm. If you’re doing night time bar work then it’s a mixture of 6pm - 2am and 10pm - 6am. If you’re a Jelly girl expect to work from 11pm to 4am but you will also be on call, so if it’s busy your boss may call you and get you in early. If you’re a PR you will be working from 8/9pm - 4am! If you’re working in May you could be expected to work every day until the season picks up and the bars take on more staff - this normally happens in early June when the main holiday makers hit the island!



Drugs and roommates!!!!!


Due to the high drug culture in Ibiza and the changes in people these substances can cause, Air-Pro can not predict changes in your roommates characteristics.  If your roommate becomes erratic or dangerous to you or themselves, it will be your responsibility to contact the local authorities as our reps have no power when it comes to dealing with third party situations. Also if you are anti-drugs or do not like the drug culture we would not recommend working in Ibiza.



How do I find jobs in Ibiza?


  • When it comes to finding work in Ibiza you will need your CV and a load of motivation. You will be in the resort and talking to the bar and club owners who are hiring for the season, and that's where Air Pro and our reps will help.
  • To get bar work in Ibiza you also need to be persistent. Taking no for an answer is not an option!
  • Charm the pants off the managers. These people need to remember you, so when a bar job becomes available or a bar/club opens you’re the first person they think of!
  • Try to remember which managers you had a good vibe with (you made them laugh or you had a big chat with them) these are the managers you should concentrate on. If no mangers took a shine to you then maybe you should consider doing another job in Ibiza!



Who's going to Ibiza?


  • It’s probably something you haven’t given much thought to but working abroad with Air Pro is all about the people you meet. Whether you are from the UK or Ireland, Air Pro is unique in that we take a lot of care in helping you to get know each other, even before you go.
  • My Travel Buddies, our new integrated search engine is like Facebook and gives you the opportunity to see, speak with and choose your roommates before you leave home and even see who you’re flying with!
  • With 80% of groups packed with solo travelers and 20% travelling with friends from all over the UK and Ireland, Air Pro truly is the best option for you to meet new people this summer in Ibiza!



Tell me about Ibiza.


Ibiza is the ultimate chill-out island!


Ibiza has so much to offer both fun-seekers and music-lovers. One of the Balearic Islands smallest and most popular resorts, Ibiza is the land of beautiful sandy beaches, unforgettable music and laid-back living. Set in the warm Mediterranean Sea you can experience world-class clubs with DJ's who are known and celebrated across the globe. It’s a club and party scene that’s second to none!






Please note that the advice given on this website is based on our previous season’s statistics and the experience of our many reps. As such it should be used as pre-season guidance and is not guaranteed as the popularity of a resort can change from season to season.