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With a decade of experience helping workers find summer jobs abroad in Ibiza, Magaluf, Ayia Napa, Tenerife, Malia and Zante your working abroad experience couldn't be in better hands. We provide you with unbeatable packages combined with unbeatable prices so that you can fulfil your dream of working abroad this summer !!!




 JOBS IN AYIA NAPA: Europe’s top destination!


Working in Ayia Napa, you’ be treated to the liveliest workers resort in Europe with its never ending workers parties and huge variety of jobs - more than any other resort.


Of all the resorts in Europe there are more workers parties and jobs in Ayia Napa than anywhere else. You’ll find the basic jobs like bar reps and jelly shot girls but there are also loads of opportunities for ticket selling for the booze cruises and clubs, selling wrist bands, t-shirt’s - there really is a job here for everyone if you've got the energy and motivation to get them!.


Plus over the years we have noticed a big decline in the hardcore Ayia Napa workers who come back year in year out which in turn has freed up even more jobs that would normally be taken up by these returning workers each year!.



What type of people get jobs in Ayia Napa?


You need to be very outgoing if you want to get a summer job in Ayia Napa as jobs tend to be given to workers with maximum confidence. Our reps have a lot of experience and will give you all the info on the best and worst bars to work in, what managers want to hear when interviewing, info on how to do the job and also how to keep it.



When’s the best time to get a summer job in Ayia Napa?


Summer job hunting abroad in Ayia Napa is easiest late April and then again in mid-June. Be warned if you start your search any later it will be far harder to find a job in Ayia Napa!


Please note: If you do go over in April and don’t land a job you will have to wait for the next wave of recruiting which will be at the end of May when the clubs and bars start taking on more staff!



What are the wages like in Ayia Napa?


At the beginning of the season (April/May) you may only earn 5-15 Euros per night but this will rise to 25-35 Euros when the season starts in June. 70% of jobs in Ayia Napa come with a basic wage with the other 30% paying a mixture of basic and commission. Please note: Most bar jobs in Ayia Napa are paid monthly and some have been known not to pay up if you get sacked.


Do I need a Visa to get a summer job in Ayia Napa?


A visa is not required, but some big clubs and bars may require a social security number. Your reps will help you with this if this is something you require.



How do I get paid and when do I get paid?


This would depend on where you’re working but most bars/clubs in Ayia Napa will pay you every two to four weeks and this would be by cash or cheque.


If it’s via cheque don’t worry, all you need to do is take it to a bank who issued the cheque and they will cash it for you! Just ask your reps where the bank is located!



How many hours and days will I be working?


If working in a bar in Ayia Napa Square you can work anywhere from 8:00pm until the bar closes at 01:30am but you may not get out until later as you will need to help pack away. If you are working in a club in Ayia Napa you can work anywhere from 10:00pm until 04:00am.


In low season you can expect to work 5 or 6 nights a week, but when peak season starts in July then don’t expect any nights off as they may need you to work every night!



How do I find jobs in Ayia Napa?


  • When it comes to finding work in Ayia Napa you can’t just phone up bars and clubs and ask for a job or send them your CV. You will need to be in resort and talking to the bar and club owners who are hiring for the season and that's where Air Pro and our reps will help.
  • To get bar work in Ayia Napa you also need to be persistent, taking no for an answer is not an option! 
  • Charm the pants off managers. These people need to remember you, so when a bar job does become available or a bar/club opens, you’re the first person they think of.
  • Try to remember which managers you had a good vibe with, you made them laugh or you had a big chat with. These are the managers you should concentrate on and if no mangers took a shine to you then maybe you should consider doing another job in Ayia Napa.


Who's going to Napa?


  • It’s probably something you haven’t given much thought to but working abroad with Air Pro is all about the people you meet. Whether you are from the UK or Ireland, Air Pro is unique in that we take a lot of care in helping you to get know each other, even before you go.
  • My Travel Buddies, our new integrated search engine is like Facebook in giving you the opportunity to see, speak with and choose your roommates before you leave home and even see who you’re flying with!
  • With 80% of groups packed with solo travellers and 20% travelling with friends from all over the UK and Ireland, Air Pro truly is the best option for you to meet new people this summer in Ayia Napa.



Tell me about Ayia Napa.


Ayia Napa is a brilliant mix of fun and relaxation! With sublime beaches bathed in Mediterranean sunshine and a club life that’s legendary, Ayia Napa is the ultimate resort for all-night dancing. Situated on the sunny eastern coast of Cyprus, its white sandy shores are perfect for chilling and sleeping off the excesses of the night before. Then when your energy seeps back, water skiing and scuba diving in the clear blue waters are top ways to cool off and revive yourself, ready for the night ahead!




Please note that the advice given on this website is based on our previous season’s statistics and the experience of our many reps. As such it should be used as pre-season guidance and is not guaranteed as the popularity of a resort can change from season to season.