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Air pro is the first and longest running company with over 12 years experience organizing working holidays abroad. Our website is often copied by new companies but with added statements like “Bar jobs are always available throughout the summer” but don't be fooled!

Our website is packed with unbiased jobs news, resort advice, videos, and blogs so you can choose the right resort to match your personality and confidence. Which is why Air Pro is regarded as the longest running and most trusted working holidays website online.

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Working in Ayia Napa, you'll find the basic jobs like bar reps and jelly shot girls but there are also loads of opportunities for ticket selling for the Fantasy boat party and clubs, selling wrist bands, t-shirt's - there really is a job here for everyone!
BUT… If you had to pick on single thing that separates this resort from all the others its Ayia Napa’s ability to throw workers parties, unlike other resorts where your day would consist of getting up – head to the beach or pool then go to work – here, you have a choice of many many (workers) pool parties – (workers) beach parties and many other activities that won’t dent your pocket – this resort is 100% for the workers who constantly want to be out and on the go 24/7 – all our mini videos were filmed here!!

For those who have never worked abroad before don't worry Air- Pro Reps provide full training for all the jobs in resort, help you get registered and provide you with all the hint and tips from the very best workers around.


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What type of people get jobs in Ayia Napa?
You need to be outgoing if you want to get a summer job in Ayia Napa as jobs tend to be given to workers with maximum confidence, energy and big personality's, which is why this resort is so electric, shy retiring types should try Tenerife!
How do I find jobs in Ayia Napa?
When it comes to finding work in Ayia Napa you can't just phone up bars and clubs and ask for a jobs or send them your CV. You will need to be in resort and talking to the bar and club owners who are hiring for the season then completing a short trial and that's what Air- Pro helps you do.

Air- Pro are considered the best provider of staff to businesses as we are the only company that helps train our clients before they leave home with the Air- Pro top tips guide then once in resort, we have fun training days planned where your shown the ropes and get to test out and master your chosen job.

For more details about jobs and training, check out out main Jobs page
How do trials work?
Once your ready, your reps will help fix you up with trials in the jobs roles you wish to do – we strongly recommend attending one of our weekly training sessions as this provides you with a platform to learn all the hints and tips – engage in role plays which in turn boosts you confidence as walking into trials, already knowing what your doing, always helps.

Normal it only takes one or two trials MAX to get the job, if they ask you to come back a 3rd time I would advise using caution as a few bar owners are sneaky and like free workers – your reps will advise you in resort which bars are legitimate. Companies that guarantee trials normally use these types of bars!.
When’s the best time to get a summer job in Ayia Napa?
If you're looking for bar work, PR work or shot girls then you should try to get to Ayia Napa in early May. Head there at the end of May for club jobs as the majority of clubs open in early June!

If you're looking for ticket selling jobs then you need to be here mid to late June early July as that's when the tourists start flocking in.

If you're going over later in the season don't worry, due to the high turnover of staff in June and July, there are always jobs popping up. The turnover is high due to workers changing jobs, going home or being sacked for drunkenness or lateness. In short, some people just can't handle the workers lifestyle.
What are the wages like in Ayia Napa?
  At the beginning of the season (April/May) you may earn 20 - 30 Euros basic per night but this will rise to 30 - 40 Euros when the season starts in June. 70% of jobs in Ayia Napa come with a basic wage with the other 30% paying a mixture of basic and commission.

Basic wage:

PR and Bar Jobs in Ayia Napa tend to have an average wage (25-35 Euros per night).


If you’re a Jelly girl in low season you should be making (25-35 Euros per shift) in peak season this should rise to (50-100 Per shift) but this is 100% commission so when working you need to be on it and engaging with as many customers as possible – if you lose!

Ticketing in May is pointless, but at the end June beginning of July you should be making (50 – 80 Euros per day) the end of July and August you should see this rise to (50 – 150 Euros per day) You get back, what you put in with this job so starting at 3pm is not going to make you the big money – Good ticket sellers are out at 10AM hitting the new arrivals with money to burn and making easy sales.
Do I need a Visa to get a summer job in Ayia Napa?
 A visa is not required, but some big clubs and bars may require a social security number. Your reps will help you with this if this is something you require.
How do I get paid and when do I get paid?
 This would depend on where you’re working but most bar work is paid monthly, PR work varies from daily to weekly and the commission based jobs are also paid either daily or weekly.  
How many hours and days will I be working?
If working in a bar in Ayia Napa Square you can work anywhere from 8:00pm until the bar closes at 02:00am but you may not get out until later as you will need to help pack away. If you are working in a club in Ayia Napa you can work anywhere from 12:00pm until 04:00am. Some super late clubs would be 2:00 until 6:00.  

You are normally expected to work 6 days a week but don't usually have a choice when your day off is as the bar manager will create a rota.  
Who's going to Napa?
It’s probably something you haven’t given much thought to but working abroad with Air -Pro is all about the people you meet. Whether you are from the UK or Ireland, Air- Pro is unique in that we take a lot of care in helping you to get know each other, even before you go.

My Travel Buddies, our new integrated search engine is like Facebook in giving you the opportunity to see, speak with and choose your roommates before you leave home and even see who you’re flying with!

With 80% of groups packed with solo travellers and 20% travelling with friends from all over the UK and Ireland, Air- Pro truly is the best option for you to meet new people this summer in Ayia Napa.
Tell me about Ayia Napa.
Ayia Napa is a brilliant mix of fun and relaxation! With sublime beaches bathed in Mediterranean sunshine and a club life that’s legendary, Ayia Napa is the ultimate resort for all-night dancing. Situated on the sunny eastern coast of Cyprus, its white sandy shores are perfect for chilling and sleeping off the excesses of the night before. Then when your energy seeps back, water skiing and scuba diving in the clear blue waters are top ways to cool off and revive yourself, ready for the night ahead!  
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Please note that the advice given on this website is based on our previous season’s statistics and the experience of our many reps. As such it should be used as pre-season guidance and is not guaranteed as the popularity of a resort can change from season to season.

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