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With a decade of experience helping workers find summer jobs abroad in Ibiza, Magaluf, Ayia Napa, Tenerife, Malia and Zante your working abroad experience couldn't be in better hands. We provide you with unbeatable packages combined with unbeatable prices so that you can fulfil your dream of working abroad this summer !!!







What are managers looking for?


Like most jobs in Magaluf to find a bar job here you need to be very confident but not only that mangers are looking for people who they can trust behind the bar with large sums of cash and don’t give away free drinks!!!

So being mature, looking smart and knowing what you’re doing will go a long way in helping you secure your bar job in Magaluf this summer!



When is the best time to find a bar job in Magaluf?


You’re far more likely to get bar work in Magaluf if you get there at the start of the season (April) before the bars/clubs start opening and they hire their first wave of skeleton staff to get the bar/club up and running.


The 2nd wave of bar jobs in Magaluf normally happens from May through to the start of June when all the big tour operator’s start sending over large groups of holiday makers and the bars and clubs in Magaluf need more bar staff to cope with the demand!



How easy is it to find Bar Jobs in Magaluf?


Finding bar jobs in Magaluf or any resort is going to be difficult due to far more people heading over looking for bar work than any other job. So if you do want to work here, you’re going to have to be very good at what you do and because bar work in Magaluf isn’t easy to find. You should bring extra spending money and you should always get there at the start of the season in April or May for a better chance of finding work.



What are the wages like for bar work in Magaluf?


Wages for bar work in Magaluf differ from place to place and depending on the time of year, but a good bar job should get you 55 Euros a night. Working in other bars in Magaluf could get you 45 Euros a night. If you go at the very start of the season (April – May) then your wages could only be 15 Euros per night but don’t worry the wages will rise as the bars get busier.



How do I get paid and when do I get paid?


99% of the bars and clubs in Magaluf will pay you cash so no need to set up bank accounts - payday will vary from nightly, weekly or even monthly. The Majority of bar job in Magaluf will be monthly or weekly paid. If you do land a bar job that pays monthly don't worry about surviving until pay day as your boss will be used to handing out sub’s and you should also get tips that should help you get by until pay day.



How many hours and days will I be working?


Shifts will vary from 4 – 8 hours with the average shift being 8 hours, there will be opportunity’s for bar jobs in the day time but most bar positions are from 8/10pm until close.  If you are lucky enough to find a position with more responsibility you may find the hours longer but your pay will reflect that.


Most bar jobs in magaluf will give you 2 days off per week but when peak season kicks in in July you may find yourself working 6/7 days per week and if you can’t do it they will find someone who can!



What are the benefits of a bar job in Magaluf?


Constant party atmosphere:  Even though you’ll be meeting loads of new friends when you work abroad with Air Pro this summer, you’re going to be meeting 100s more when working behind the bars in Magaluf!



Free drinks...


When you work abroad in Magaluf, you will be allowed to drink while you’re working behind the bar, but please try not to get too wasted, as managers don’t take too kindly to drunken bar staff.


Some managers will also give you a percentage of the till as motivation to work fast and keep the money rolling in.






Qualities Needed...

  • Confidence behind the bar
  • Confidence in serving many people at once
  • revious experience working behind a bar
  • Knowledge on popular drinks


Average Hours of Work 

  • 8 hour shifts  



  • You will receive a basic wage plus your tips
  • Free drinks tokens
  • A job in a constant party atmosphere




These jobs will take longer to find and you will need to be focused when working as it can get very busy.




please note: The advice given by our advisers is based on the previous season’s statistics and can only be used as pre-season guidance as the popularity of a resort can change from season to season.